Hey there 🙂 Welcome to my virtual space. My name is Georgij. And nice to meet you too! I am 20-something years old, maybe 30-… who cares 😀

I was born in Lithuania, but my current location has changed since. And I cannot say, where exactly is my home. I’ve lived in a few countries, and keep changing my permanent location. 

My background is Software Engineering, a true geek with a spirit of digital nomad. I was working on different projects, at the office and out of the office. Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of working in cafes, as there are lots of distractions and noise, but having the flexibility of working independently from the location and office hours inspires me a lot!

I like meeting new people, listen to their stories, and tell mine. So I really hope to see you somewhere in the world! 🙂