Tipping in Asia

Should I tip in Myanmar?


In general, Burmese people (citizens of Myanmar) don’t have a culture of tipping. With the rise of the number of foreigners visiting Myanmar, and more locals getting involved in the tourism sector, the more they are expecting the tips. But this should not require you to do so.

Quite often you’ll see in the restaurants that prices already include Service and Tax fees, so you should not give anything extra. Also, the organized tours already are expensive, due to the lack of competition, so you don’t need to tip a driver extra!

The biggest problem is that locals, who work with tourists start to earn more than anyone else, including highly skilled specialists, like doctors and teachers. It means that doctors and teachers see it as more profitable to quit their jobs and become drivers and guides. That totally ruins society. Already poor and uneducated population will highly depend on foreigners, instead of building the economy by themselves.

Americans, please forget about 10-15% tips. Giving tips in Yangon or Mandalay and other cities will make the economy of Myanmar much worse.

Should I give money to children in Cambodia?


There are so many begging children on the streets of Cambodia and other poor Asian countries. You should not give any money to them.

The problem is that they are forced by their parents to beg, this leads that children are skipping the schools and will not be skilled enough to get better jobs in the future. Don’t ruin their lives, thinking that you are actually helping. This is not the right way to do so.

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